Contact Info
Mohammad Rafique
Senior Executive, Digital Marketing

Mohammad Rafique is currently working as a senior digital marketing executive in Community
Development for Peace (CDP). His core responsibilities are planning, developing, designing,
implementing and managing marketing campaigns to promote CDP. To track and analyze
website traffic flow and provide regular internal reports. He plays a major role in enhancing
brand awareness within the digital space as well as driving website traffic and acquiring leads
and supplying content for the website.
Rafique is currently doing his MBA in Management and has completed his BBA in Management
from Dhaka College under the affiliation of Dhaka University. He started his career by working
in YVA Marketing Ltd as a Data Integration Specialist during his BBA. His responsibilities were
to collect data for nonprofit organizations events, collecting and interpreting data, using data to
answer key questions about the business and working with management to prioritize business
and information needs. In 2016, he switched to AICHI Telecom as the Manager where he had to
do recruiting, training, supervising, appraising the staffs, maintaining statistical and financial
records, liaising with head office, Analytical Skills, Planning and delivering CRM strategies and
Cloud accounting. He has done a professional course on Digital marketing from CoderTrust.BD.
He has a tremendous knowledge on Cloud accounting Software (QuickBooks), ERP software
and CRM. In his spare time he does freelancing work. He has participated in many trainings and
workshop programme for capacity buildup and leadership developing skills.
Rafique has in-depth skills on graphic skills, Web development skills and Project management
skills. His abilities are to think objectively in a creative and analytical way in order to execute
and analyze drip marketing campaigns. Rafique is excellent in sports. He has participated in
many inter-school and inter-college sports competition.