Student’s Thought On “Humanity And Radicalism”-The American Center Auditorium

Address Progoti Sharoni, baridhara j block Rd, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

CDP (community development for peace) is an organization which has been conceived by Muhammad Ferdaus with the idea of helping young students, the community and the society to alleviate terrorism,poverty reduction, women empowerment and sustainable development.

On 19th of June, 2017, Community development for peace (CDP) arranged a seminar on “students’ thoughton “humanity and radicalism” partner by Access Alumni Society of Bangladesh (AASB) and supportedby the U.S. Department of State. The event was being held at the American center, U.S. Embassy, Dhaka.

The seminar started with the introduction speech of Muhammad Ferdaus, the founder of CDP and presidentof the Access Alumni Society of Bangladesh(AASB). Students of class ranges of class nine toundergraduate level of different

The introduction session had been followed by the lecture of Prof. Dr. Samia Huq on students’responsibility and family involvement”. She said “we live in a strange world where the wordradicalism is emerging. Living in this world as a young mind is very challenging. Young people like you should think about the process of changing the world in terms of political, social and economic aspects.”

Furthermore, she added different definitions of peace in her talk and asked the young mind not to be ambiguous with the word peace and violence rather justifying the exact meaning of peace. She added “You cannot get justice through violence. Violence never stops violence. You should learn to solve the issues through dialogues”.

Moreover, she emphasized the process of listening to others and understanding others in every means. She also emphasized on co-existence with tolerance in the current world.

Social activist Dr. Samia was very hopeful about the imminent process of reduction of poverty of Bangladesh which has taken the country into another level into the globe. She highlighted connectivity in one hand and global shifting on others, which is creating stress in the socio, economic and political development of the society. She added to come up to a conclusion of every issue with the foundation of peace, tolerance, dialogues, and participation.

Lastly, Dr. Samia concluded her lecture asking the young mind to be a woman who knows how to be a productive woman to help others, to be the man who knows how to be a productive man to help others, to think deeply about religion and what kind of good things we could bring to the society.

The session further had been followed by the lecture on “social valued family attachment” by Md. Abu Syed, lecturer of Residential Model College and Joint Secretary of CDP. Keeping line with Dr. Samia he talked about the social value and attachments of the students with the family along with the society since they are the base of future peacemaker. Later he talked about the violation, which should not be the foundation of peace. Students should learn about the social values and they need to know themselves first, not the surrounding world. Later, he added how students nowadays started making the artificial need for their life and started manipulating their values. The speaker asked the students for being united and thinking about our religion, social and family values deeply before taking guidance from an outside source. He emphasized on being attached with the family, being sacrificing, being compromising, being checked and balanced in life.

The session moved ahead with the talk on “Family responsibility and socialization” by the special guest A.H.G Mohiuddin, former ambassador of the United Nation. His lecture was basically based on family affiliation and the importance of it in our life. He later emphasized “I have visited many countries and have looked at the world like an astounded child, thinking about the reason behind anarchy. When I grew older I have started rationalizing the importance of bonding, the meaning of parents, affiliation, and connection with family”. He added out the important aspects of family bonding and asked the young mind to connect with the family which will prevent them to be spoiled out in future. He later moved ahead telling “How ozone layer works for the atmosphere of the earth, mothers are as like as the ozone layer in our life, nobody should forget that. Our family values are the most important factors and we should move ahead keeping in mind the values of family life.”

“Nowadays brainwash has become the distortion of religious values” – emphasized on this point a student coordinator of CDP Maxim Gorky Samya moved ahead with his talk about the young scholars, their family values and some reasons behind extremism. The tender-aged volunteer believes that students should have that aim in life to work for the betterment of social welfare. Inspiring his class fellow, he concluded his speech by saying “Nothing in the entire world supports extremism. Do not copy others blindly. Try to make something new for the betterment of the world.”

In the session of open discussion after the motivational speeches of the respected speakers’ participant shared their thoughts and feelings with other fellows. Mohona, student of H.S.C first year said “helping others doesn’t only mean the financial support, inspiring others can also trigger act as a big factor. If we want to make changes in our society we need to work collectively.” Ema, student of Class 10 emphasized on the recent terrorist attack and said helplessly “what is the outcome of this attack? Is it bringing any good to society or to the people? People just started throwing dust on each other after every attack. Family members, universities and friends are being harassed.” The 15 years’ tender girl pointed out the session saying not to forget our root, our Bengali culture. She is highly hopeful that we can uplift our country again on the map of the world only when we would work collectively for the betterment of society.

Nonetheless, the discussion of the seminar moved ahead with the talk of Muhammad Ferdaus about the importance of volunteering for young students, the pros and cons about it and how students can be benefited through exchange program around the world. He shared his life experiences with the young students to boost them up for their future.