Anti-Radicalization And Positive Life Orientation-North South University

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Community Development for Peace (CDP) is a Non-Profit Organization that works to raise awareness
against negativity like terrorism and drugs from the very root level of the society in Bangladesh. In order
to do that, CDP has already arranged a number of seminars emphasizing on students thoughts on
humanity and radicalism in a number of schools, madrasahs, colleges and universities of Bangladesh.
Because, CDP believes, today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders of the society. If today’s students are
well aware about the threats and dangers of negativity, they will keep themselves away from terrorism
and will play vital role in stopping negativity in future. With the satisfactory and effective approaches of
CDP, the law enforcing agencies of the country directly encouraging CDP to uphold its activities with
their full concern and support for more seminars for more awareness.
This time Community Development for peace (CDP), arranged a seminar on “The Peace of Living” to
raise awareness against anti-radicalism and drugs on 25th October, 2018 at North South University. This
seminar was conducted by some high profiled resource personnel like Coordinator (United Nations Office
for Drugs and Crime), Officer from different social organization, Senior Judge of Dhaka Chief
Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) court, Barrister of the Supreme court of Bangladesh, Coordinator of
BRAC University and many more. Throughout their lectures all they intended is to raise awareness on the
negative sides of drugs, crime to motivate students to take position against this crucial social issue.



Plenary 1: “The Negative Impact of Drug and Radicalism” by Karl Clark, Senior Law Enforcement
Advisor and Program Director, U. S. Department of Justice ICITAP.


He started his lectures by defining how a person becomes a terrorist. Life is a long journey where one will
face several challenges. The value of life comes from within. A person’s value is not determined by
material possessions, titles, or social status. The value of your life cannot be measured by any amount of
money. Know the value of your life; examine your heart and your actions. Invest in yourself with things
that cannot be taken away from you. Do not allow the world to add a price tag to your life because you
are of invaluable worth. He continued saying that when he looks back in his life; he finds that the most
painful experiences has taught him the most valuable lessons. But, one never learns what those lessons
will be until he/she is on the other side. He shared his experience on how a 17 years old young boy died in
a gunshot. The shooters mistakenly interpreted that young boy as a drug dealer who leaked their
whereabouts to the police. He said the doctors tried their level best but unfortunately they couldn’t save
the innocent boy.


Plenary 2: “A Consistent Life and the Scenario of Darkness” by Mr. Atikul Islam, Senior Chief Judicial
Magistrate Court, Dhaka.

According to him, “Excellence has no limit”. Life is the way how one chooses to decorate his/her life.
Different people will have different aim, determination and perception to design their living. But
addiction to drugs and terrorism are enough to ruin their life. Then he shared some of his personal
experiences from the Holey Artisan Attack then he shared that how he tried his level best to save someone
from getting hanged and many more. He said many drug dealers, adductors and terrorists confessed their
crime in front of him and how they ended up to such dark holes without knowing the consequences.
Today’s young generations mostly come to this path when their expectations, dreams are not fulfilled,
facing depressions and frustrated from facing constant failure in life and also sometimes to make easy
money. Thus 80% crime takes place from drug addiction. A person is judged by the company he keeps so
one has to choose his friends wisely. Most of the young generations have a rebellious thought to live their
life independently which drags them away from family and brings them close to friends or bad
companions. Student life is the peak point of life to choose that one correct path among thousand paths to
lead a healthy and happy life. To make that correct choice parents support play an immense role.


Plenary 3: “The Impact of Radical Thinking and a Beautiful Life” by Md. Haider Ali Khan, Additional
Deputy Inspector General, Detective Unit of Bangladesh Police.

In his lecture he explained the term Jangi. Whenever someone is forced on their norms, culture, traditions,
beliefs and religion then a Jangi is formed. Jangi is one kind of terrorism. They can attack in a group or
individually. Bangladesh has experienced Jangi attack bomb blast at different periods of time. It all
started when some Bangladeshi went to Afghanistan to help in a war, they got trained there and got to
know about Jihad. After coming back they formed a group and spread the idea of Jihad. It means an
exertion to convert unbelievers, or efforts toward the moral betterment of society. But unfortunately the
modern definition of Jihad is to die for Islam and also kill other people in this way they can enter into
Heaven. They follow a certain pattern to target their victims. Initially they send an Islamic message in
social media account and from there they undergo certain steps to choose their final target who will
execute the bomb blast.


Plenary 4: “Value of Life and the Way of Finding Opportunities in Around the World” by Muhammad
Ferdaus, CEO & Secretary General, Community Development for Peace.

He said human life is truly a very precious gift. Each and every moment of human life brings us an
opportunity. An opportunity to act, develop and express our virtues. Each moment opens the path to us to
receive blessings. This is true that life gives us both positive and negative situations. What is really
important is how we respond.
Life is also regarded as both a field of battle and celebration in the sense that every day of life is a new
day which we can celebrate with positive thinking as a day given to us by the Almighty God to work as
per His will to benefit the people around us. Life is a battle because no one will give room for you; we
have to create it for ourselves. Human life is not programmed. We have a free will to be what we want to
be. Life is not to be measured in months or years but by inner completion and happiness. We understand
the value of life, the beauty of life and all what life gives us when we realize the pointlessness and
irrelevance of living a life without any purpose. Life is not only about achieving but it is more about
contributing. Life is to be lived purposefully which also means that one should live the present. So what
is human life all about and what should we do in life. The answer is simple. We should learn from every
moment of life, we should fight the battle of life to undertake the journey from humanness to divinity.

After this a question /answer session started where the students asked different types of questions related
to drugs and terrorism.
A student asked are there any kind of special training for the criminals inside the jail so that when they are
set free they can get back to the society and lead a normal life?
Md. Haider Ali Khan answered to this question and said the practice is going on but more improvement is
needed as the criminals are divided into three categories but unfortunately they share the compartment in
jail so it creates a negative impact on the fresher’s. But they are trying their best to prevent themselves
from committing any more crimes.
The students wanted to hear from an Islamic Scholar about the verses on the Holy Quran about Jihad and

Plenary 5: “A vote of thanks” by Dr. Atique Islam, Professor & Vice Chancellor, North South